5 Apps for a Perfect BBQ - Netted
Video • July 10, 2015

5 Apps for a Perfect BBQ

Use these iOS and Android apps to barbecue like a pro

Summer is here, so why are you eating inside? Get out there, get your friends together, and get behind the BBQ with these five delicious apps.

OPEN: Hi, I’m Netted’s Charlie Kaplan, and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: It’s hot out, and that means one thing: every indoor meal is a missed opportunity. You need to be out there, on the range, grilling your heart out, making the neighbors smell your dinner and think, “Either someone’s grilling or our house is burning down in the most delicious way imaginable.”

That’s right, it’s you, nature, the grill, and five apps to give the whole endeavor a certain… flavor.

INSTACART: First off, what are you going to grill? Instacart’s got the answer. This service delivers food from local grocery stores. It’ll make multiple stops, too, so if you think Whole Foods has the best meat, but you want the veggies from Fairway, it’ll pull them all together.

PITPAL AND TALKTOCHEF: Now you’re positioned firmly in front of the grill and you realize you’ve got no idea what you’re doing. Turn to PitPal, sort of a grillmaster’s bible, for how to make the right rub, what charcoal or wood to buy, and how hot the meat should get. Want some face-time? TalkToChef puts a real chef in contact.

IGRILL: Which, of course, raises the question: how hot is that meat? iGrill will tell you. This is a smart thermometer that syncs right up to your phone, so you’ll know the food’s ready even if you run off to grab a beer.

BALLOON: So you’ve got all this food and nobody to get the meat sweats with. Download Balloon to create an impromptu invitation and get your friends to come over to hang. I mean free food… who’s going to say no?

OUTRO: Hey there, pitmaster! That smells pretty good. Just don’t forget to invite the neighbors.

CLOSE: Later nerds!