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Article • July 13, 2015

Money in the Bank

Qapital is a savings service with an iOS app that helps you reach financial goals

Tackling the endemic issue of income inequality worldwide, Thomas Piketty’s Capital argues that, excluding the World Wars and the Great Depression, industrialized societies have centralized wealth in the hands of…

Oh, you asked about Qapital? That’s not such a different story, except it centralizes wealth in your hands.

Qapital is an automatic savings service for iPhones (Android app coming soon). Just sync it with your checking account and whenever you can save a little, the app pulls cash into your new account.

Use it to set some simple rules: For example, set a rule to round up purchases and save the excess, or to save when you spend below your budget. Or sync Qapital with Moves to save when you exercise.

It also lets you save for specific goals, individually or with groups. Give it your goal (e.g., buy these boots!), and when you’ve saved enough Qapital will transfer funds to your checking account.

It’s a capital idea.