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Article • July 15, 2015

Sell Anything with a Snap

Carousell is a person-to-person marketplace website and app available on iOS and Android

Say you want to sell your coffee table. Where do you turn? You can stick it on the street, post it to Craigslist. Hmm… oh, friends! You have some of those, right?! Yeah, sorry… they don’t want your $20 Ikea table.

How about giving Carousell a spin? This person-to-person marketplace (available for iOS and Android) makes selling seamless. Snap a photo, list descriptors, set a price, post, and share to social networks in two minutes.

Interested in buying instead? Great. Carousell boasts 8 million+ listings so far. Search for an item by location and price, live chat with sellers, and make offers right from the app (or in-browser if that’s more your style). If you’re a frequent buyer, start following sellers you like for your own personalized, curated marketplace. You’ve always wanted to refer to yourself as a “curator” anyway, right?

That coffee table won’t be your problem for long.