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Article • July 20, 2015

Pay Down Student Debt by Volunteering

SponsorChange is a website that helps volunteers get rid of student debt

How bad is the student debt crisis in America? Almost 70% of graduating seniors have loans, at an average of $28,400. It adds up to over a trillion dollars in debt, and more students are borrowing money every year.

SponsorChange isn’t going to solve this problem by itself, but it will help chip away at it.

SponsorChange is a hub for volunteer work, with a couple of interesting tweaks. First, volunteers not only apply their individual skill sets to important projects – related to everything from disaster relief to homelessness to the environment – but in the process they also get some relief for their student debt.

How? That’s part two. Donors put their dollars to work by sponsoring important projects, and that money goes toward paying off volunteers’ debt. It’s sort of a two birds with one stone situation: Make the world a better and less indebted place.

That’s got to feel good.