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Article • July 21, 2015

Replace Your Phone Number with a URL

Use Toky to call anywhere for free just using a link

867-5309… 634-5789… 1 (877) kars-4-kids

Phone numbers have been immortalized in song, in memory, and still for some reason in the phone book.

Toky wants to kill them dead.

Toky is a calling service for the web and Android phones (iPhone coming soon!) that lets you make and receive calls for free, entirely through web links. You share a link (just like you were sharing a hilarious video), and suddenly you’re chatting.

You can get Toky calls anywhere, too – not just when you’re logged into the site or using the app. Simply install the Chrome extension to your browser and pick up when it rings. You can set filters, too, so you only get calls when you want them.

Some things you won’t miss about phone numbers: long-distance fees, memorizing 7 to 9 digits, getting called at weird times, spam. Toky eliminates all of that.

It’s got a ring to it.