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Article • July 23, 2015

Get Paid for Past Purchases When Prices Drop

Paribus automatically gets your money back if prices go down

Isn’t it the worst when you finally score what you think is a sweet deal on a slow cooker, and then the price drops after you buy it?

The worst, indeed. But Paribus is here to ease your buyer’s-remorse-ridden mind.

Here’s the thing: Online retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart often guarantee the “best” prices. But when prices drop, they expect you to ask for the difference on items you’ve already purchased. Pfft. Nonsense.

That’s why Paribus is so great. Just connect it with your email account, and shop online as you would normally. Whenever a price drops or you miss a deal, Paribus files a price adjustment, scoops up the difference, and sends it your way.

For its efforts, Paribus takes a small cut of the cash you weren’t getting back before this service existed. Reasonable!

Free money is nice, especially when you don’t have to ask for it. Just set it and forget it (and get paid).