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Article • July 28, 2015

Get Cash for Old DVDs, CDs, and Games

Decluttr is a service that helps you sell your old media

Do you still have a Sharper Image power tower? Are you holding on to your Sega games in case Sonic becomes a thing again? Does your car sport a sweet sun visor CD holder?

If you answered yes to any of those, you’re probably a bit of a hoarder. And lucky you. Getting cash for your old CDs, games, and DVDs is easier than ever with decluttr.

Decluttr is a service that wants to buy those things from you. Seriously. Use the app (for iOS, Android, and the Web) to simply scan your item’s barcodes and get on-the-spot pricing. Then, pack it up, ship it to decluttr free of charge, and get paid by check or direct deposit. Totally rad.

Guaranteed cash for your random CDs sure beats haggling over pennies at your local record store.

Best of all, that copy of Gigli your friend joke-gifted you can finally go.