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Article • July 29, 2015

All Your Food Needs in One App

Handpick iOS and Android apps and website help you make great meals

So, let’s see… You visit Instagram for #foodporn, blogs for recipes, Pinterest for #foodspiration…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do all that in one place instead?

It would be nice. That’s why Handpick exists. This app for iOS and Android combs Instagram, food blogs, and recipe sites for a delicious, daily, all-encompassing dose.

A mix of data science and human touch, this app has everything foodies crave. Looking to whip up a passionfruit cheesecake parfait? Um, yes. Click the drool-worthy photo to view that recipe and others.

Can’t decide what to make? Tell Handpick the ingredients you have and get meal ideas and ingredient pairings in seconds.

Or if your cupboard’s bare, move over to “Shop” where you can order bundles of recipe-specific ingredients (only in California now).

If social is more your jam, add recipes, follow other users, and create your own curated “Topics.”

Next stop? #Foodcoma.