Preserve Your Data on the Go - Netted
Video • July 31, 2015

Preserve Your Data on the Go

TripMode is an OSX application that saves data when you use a mobile hotspot

You’re on the road with your laptop, relying on a mobile hotspot. You think you’re being safe with your data… and then you somehow run way, WAY over. Prevent that with one app.

INTRO: Ah, sweet cellular data. When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, it’s a precious substance. Check Facebook too much and suddenly you’re on empty. So you abstain. Notifications go unchecked. “Hilarious videos” remain unwatched. You’re saving it for the important stuff.

And yet, you wake up one morning and all your data is gone. Why? Turns out all kinds of applications were leeching it in the background. You were betrayed.

TRIPMODEThat’s where TripMode comes in. It selectively turns off internet access to specific apps, so you only use the data you mean to.

This means Dropbox, Outlook, Chrome or any other application that ambiently uses your internet connection goes dark if you say so, which frees you up to save your data for sweet, sweet Minecraft.

Oh, by “important stuff,” you thought we meant work? Ha! No. Now, back to making this gargantuan replica of Barack Obama’s head out of Minecraft blocks.

OUTRO: And that’s your Cheat Code! Later, nerds!