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Article • August 3, 2015

Hit Your Savings Goals with This One App

Unsplurge is an iOS app that motivates you to save money

Looking to finally save for that trip to Marrakesh? Or perhaps make it to next year’s Comic-Con? Or maybe you’ve heard Gwyneth Paltrow talk about Manuka Honey and you’re just like, OK, I need to try this thing.

Perhaps you’re just a reasonable person who wants to start saving cash for something useful. Stop shouting out your window and download Unsplurge, a straightforward iOS app that helps you track your savings goals.

Unsplurge asks for no banking, credit, or loan information. Just set a goal and start logging your savings progress. If you need some gentle nudging, Unsplurge can send you notifications to remind you to save.

Plus you can read tips from the community and see how others are saving, as well as what they’re saving for (think: Venmo – or Vicemo – feed). Pared down with few frills Unsplurge sets up the motivated to actually follow through on goals.

Go forth and get that tattoo (removed).