Try Clothes Before You Buy - Netted
Article • August 5, 2015

Try Clothes Before You Buy

The Try add-on lets you try on clothes from online stores at home

Oh, the disappointment. The dress seemed perfect on the website, but what you pulled out of the box looks like it was designed for a giraffe.

Enter Try: a Chrome add-on that solves the main problem with online shopping by letting you order stuff to try on – without dropping a dime.

Just click the Try button in your browser and start shopping stores like Zara, J. Crew, ASOS, Neiman Marcus, etc. Order up to five items to try for free. You get 10 days to give them a spin. Then keep what you like, and send back the rejects (free shipping label provided). You only pay for what you keep, and there’s no added fee.

Plus, you can increase your limit and treat yourself to more than five items by referring friends and keeping what you try.

Try is invite-only, but Netted subscribers can get in now with this link.

Your giraffe days are over.