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Video • August 7, 2015

Use These 4 Apps to Get Into Shape

Strava, Quadfit, Vint, and Pact help you get exercising

Didn’t hit the gym in enough time for beach season this year? Well it’s always beach season somewhere. Get yourself in shape with the help of these four apps and services.

OPEN: Hi! I’m Charlie Kaplan, and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: The game plan was to get ripped in time for beach season. Well, beach season is here, where the heck have you been? It’s fine, this just means you’re finally ready to start getting ready for beach season in the Southern Hemisphere!

But look, if getting in shape to you means carbo-loading for your walk to work, allow me to lead you away from the pasta bar and towards these apps.

STRAVA: I take back what I said about carbo-loading. If you’re into heavy cardio, you need Strava. It is the running and cycling recorder. It hooks up with fitness trackers, keeps tabs on how many miles you’ve put on your tires or shoes, and will help you find fun new routes.

QUADFITIf running or biking seems like actual punishment to you, Quadfit will get you fit within the air-conditioned confines of the gym. It not only generates a workout routine based on your goals, it helps make sure you do all the essential exercises, like squats or deadlifts, right.

VINTFor more hands-on assistance, try unlimited personal training with Vint, which is available in San Francisco, Oakland, and Stockholm. They’ll meet you in locations and times that work great for you.

PACTIf you’re looking at me right now and thinking, “My problem isn’t how to work out, it’s how to get off the couch,” then try Pact. You get paid whenever you hit the gym, and whenever you miss it, your wallet takes a hit.

OUTRO: One, if not all, of these apps will lead you on a path to babe-dom. Book your ticket to Australia and get to work!