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Article • August 11, 2015

Get Context on Everyone You Email

AnyFetch is a Chrome extension and Android app that collects information on your contacts

Your email contacts list is a swirling vortex of important people (your boss!), people you sorta know (that guy from that conference!), and people you definitely don’t remember (your ex-girlfriend’s hairdresser!). Keeping track of your interactions with these characters is, well, overwhelming.

You need AnyFetch. It’s a web service, Chrome extension, and Android app that pulls information from emails, your calendar, shared documents (via Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.), and more to give you the full report.

AnyFetch compiles a history of your communications with people and pulls them into a neat sidebar in your inbox—this way you always know what you’ve said and shared, and when.

Steve’s email from this morning? It’s there.

The Google doc you sent him last year? You’ll see that too.

Just click any one of these bits of info and you’ll be taken to the full original interaction.

Keeping track is no longer your problem.