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Article • August 13, 2015

Put Safety in Your Hand with One App

SafeTrek is an iOS and Android app that can call the police

If you’ve stepped foot on a college campus in the last decade, in addition to being familiar with stuff like this, you’re probably also familiar with campus “blue light” systems. When students feel unsafe, they can just hit a light to summon local police.

Seems like a good system to have on hand. Like, literally in your hand. That’s where SafeTrek comes in.

SafeTrek is a personal safety app (iOS and Android) that arms your smartphone to dial 911 in threatening situations.

Here’s how it works: If you feel unsafe, launch the app and hold your thumb to the screen. When you feel safe again, release your thumb and punch in your passcode. Like a home alarm system, if you don’t enter your pin within 10 seconds, the local police are dispatched with your name and location.

It’s as straightforward and effective as it gets. And at just $3/month, it affords some seriously affordable peace of mind.