Save Hundreds on Textbooks - Netted
Video • August 14, 2015

Save Hundreds on Textbooks

Chrome extension OccupyTheBookstore compares textbook prices

Being a college student is crazy expensive. Take a big bite out of one of those major costs with one helpful tool for your browser.

OPEN: The cost of being a student is insane. There’s tuition. Room and board. The meal plan you’re forced to use, books you’re forced to buy, all that beer… No wonder student debt was over a trillion dollars last year.

OCCUPYTHEBOOKSTORE is a Chrome extension that’s taking a bite out of one of those expenses: the price of textbooks. This way, you won’t have to sell your organs to buy your anatomy books.

Just install OccupyTheBookstore to your browser, and start shopping for your requisite tomes. The extension scours the web for other retailers selling the book, new or used, and compares prices. You could end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a semester.

Now all we need is OccupyTheConvenienceStoreBeerFridge and that pesky student debt problem will solve itself.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code. Later nerds!