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Article • August 25, 2015

Connect Your Apps and Make Plans Quickly

Vurb for iOS and Android lets you search, share, purchase tickets, make reservations, and more.

The weekend is nigh. And once again your friends have left it up to you to decide what to do. Try a happy hour or go bowling? In what neighborhood? And how will everyone get there?

Good thing for Vurb, an iOS and Android app that lets you search for movie showings, restaurants, and more by pulling data from other apps, like Fandango and Yelp. Ditch the finger acrobatics—now you can find good sushi and get directions all in one place.

Searches create Vurb Cards, which let you do things like purchase tickets or make reservations without opening another app. Even better, you can group the cards into Decks to save and organize your info, and both Cards and Decks are shareable via text, email, or social media. That means you don’t have to waste time copying and pasting, and you can get on with your Friday night.

Way to go, master planner. You earned that $5 margarita.