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Article • August 31, 2015

Create a Journal for All Your Digital Memories

Flava is an iOS and Android app that turns your photos, links, and notes into digital memories

Back in the day, attics were stuffed with keepsakes: telegrams, photo bins, the whalebone hairbrush your great uncle Wilfred made… Things are different now. Tweets and texts have replaced telegrams, and, well we’re not sure what the digital update is for whalebone hair tools.

Tweets are cool, but they’re not the kind of thing you can keep in a box. That’s where Flava comes in: It lets you build a private log of messages, photos, and other digital data that are meaningful to you so they don’t get lost in disparate feeds.

With Flava for iOS and Android you can save notes, photos, links, videos, and more to a timeline that syncs across your devices, so you always have a record of your online memories and when they happened. Plus, Flava makes every entry searchable by category, and lets you organize things yourself with tags.

It’s all the beauty of nostalgic hoarding―no attic required.