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Video • September 4, 2015

5 Apps to Help You Land Your Dream Job

These 5 apps will help with cover letters, resumes, networking, and more

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or looking for a career change, these 5 apps and sites will help you find the job you want—and get hired for it.

OPEN: Hi! I’m Netted’s Charlie Kaplan, and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: Summer’s ending, which means kids are avoiding thinking about school, office supply stores are trying to give you deals on white out, and people start hiring for new jobs. You could drop your resume in every mailbox in town in the hopes that an eccentric billionaire makes you his professional chocolate tester. Or you could find your dream job with these apps.

Caliber: As your mom, guidance counselor, and IT guy always tell you, networking is everything. Use Caliber to find folks who work in your field, or to see who might need an individual with your particular chocolate testing skills.

Switch: Sometimes applying for jobs online feels like folding your resume into a cute little paper boat and hoping it makes it across the Atlantic Ocean to your prospective employer. With Switch, swipe for jobs you want, Tinder-style, and then text with the company in minutes if there’s a match.

Creddle: About that cute little resume boat: make sure your CV is s’il vous plait (that didn’t make any sense) with Creddle, which guides you through a quick process and spits out a beautiful resume in no time.

Hemingway Editor: And the cover letter! Avoid sounding trite or making basic grammatical mistakes by writing the whole thing in Hemingway Editor, a word processing site that helps keep your language as terse as its salty literary namesake.

Black Tux: Once you land that interview, rent an awesome suit, or even a full outfit, from the Black Tux. Yes, you can rent tuxes, too. No, that will not increase the likelihood you get the chocolate job.

OUTRO: Five easy steps, and you’re gainfully employed. And if you see anybody hiring for that chocolate taster job, I’m looking. For a friend.