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Video • September 11, 2015

Find the Cheapest Places to Buy Groceries

Download Favado to know where to buy cheap groceries

Are your groceries filling your stomach but emptying your wallet? They don’t have to. Find out how you can save some cash at the store.

OPEN: Right now, it seems like the coolest thing to do at the grocery store is overpay. You could buy that bar of chocolate for a dollar, or you could get the other one with the crazy wrapper and a cacao percentage so high you can’t sneak it through customs. That one’s 8 bucks.

Excuse me, then, for opting to be so morbidly uncool by using Favado, an app that not only helps you find where groceries are the cheapest, but digs up coupons from around the web to drive that cost right through those shiny linoleum floors.

Here’s how Favado works. Grab the app and make a grocery list. Favado will tell you where you can get everything cheapest, and what coupon deals are available to buy.

I might just have to take this whole uncool thing to the next level. Hey, you want to hear my loud opinions about Game of Thrones?

CLOSE: No? Never mind. Later nerds!