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Article • September 15, 2015

Shop for Clothes with Just a Photo

Take a photo of an outfit and shop for it with LikeThat Style

When you see someone wearing an outfit you love, what do you do? Yell at that person from across the street? Offer to trade your “extinct start-up” t-shirt for it?

Maybe just download LikeThat Style.

This app for Android and iOS will help you get the items you want without causing a scene. Snap photos of people wearing clothes in real life, in magazines, or on Instagram, and the app will instantly search for similar items for sale online. Tap what you want to purchase it, or save it to your favorites list for later.

LikeThat Style will also help you save on your dream outfits. Those designer jeans you’ve been pining for? Take a picture of them and filter your results by price to get the style you want for a whole lot less.

Don’t let someone else walk away with your look.