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Article • September 17, 2015

Get Custom Home Workouts on Your Phone

FitStadium creates custom bodyweight workouts for you

When people complain about working out, we’re like, come on, gyms are great! The mats are warm and covered in back sweat. The grunts from that overstuffed meathead on the rowing machine are so motivating.

You know what? Skip the gym.

Now there’s FitStadium, an app for Android and iOS that packs all the benefits of a personal trainer right into your phone. Plug in some basic info about yourself and your fitness goals, and FitStadium will build a video-based home workout routine for you—no weights or equipment required.

Give the app feedback after each workout and it will adjust its routines to fit your strength level. FitStadium also frees you from the tyranny of gym schedules: You can workout whenever and wherever you want, and for durations as short as 15 minutes.

Better yet, Netted subscribers can get a free 3-month Pro subscription with code FiStadiumForNetted.

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