Find the Room You Want Anywhere - Netted
Video • September 18, 2015

Find the Room You Want Anywhere searches every booking site to find the best room for you

Leaving town and need a room? Don’t settle for subpar accommodations—we’ve got just what you need to find the perfect place to stay.

OPEN: Cairo’s ancient pyramids; Montana’s majestic mountains; New Jersey’s unplaceable smells. There’s just so much to discover out there.

When you’re out there, make sure you aren’t coming back to the motel by the turnpike. Instead, use to search every booking site, from fancy hotels to spare rooms, to find the perfect place to stay.

AllTheRooms is really easy to use. Just tell it where you’re headed, how long you’re in town, how many you need to lodge. AllTheRooms searches everywhere, from Airbnb to and everything in between, and shows you, well, all the rooms. Winnow down your search by price, reviews, wifi, you name it.

Which brings us to our weird fact of the day. That smell on the turnpike? A billion egg salad sandwiches, buried deep under the earth. But not deep enough.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code! Later, nerds.