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Article • September 21, 2015

Get Your Customer Service Issues Resolved by a Pro

Service gets you refunds, returns, and resolves your customer service problems

The store shipped you two left sneakers, but even after calling six different numbers and suffering through hold music for over an hour, you’re no closer to getting your issue resolved.  

Woe. If only there were some free service that could handle these hassles for you.

Oh, there is. It’s called Service (appropriate), and it’s a web service that works with companies to solve your problems. It’s like having Frank Underwood as your chief negotiator. Or maybe Claire.

Tell it your problem, the company, and add any supporting documents (like confirmation emails or receipts), and state your desired outcome.

Then just move on with your life. A Service problem solver will work to find a fair solution for you. It contacts the company, does all the legwork, and keeps you informed via email. That means you can potentially save yourself some cash and a major headache without lifting a finger.

Consider yourself served.