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Article • September 22, 2015

Get a Much Cheaper Cellphone Plan

Sign up for Ting and save $25 on service or a new device


Friends. We come in peace to free you from your controlling overlord.

By that, we mean your cellphone provider. You know… the one who gives you little to no control over your device, excels at obfuscation, and basically insists you take a second job for the luxury to talk and text?

Yeah. That one.

Meet your savior: Ting. It’s a new kind of service that puts you in charge in a beautiful way.

How beautiful? For starters, there are no contracts: You just pay for the service you use each month. No penalties or overage fees. The average monthly bill per device is $23.

You also monitor and control your usage with Ting’s dashboard and mobile app. Set up caps, alerts, and get a complete picture of how you’re using your phone.

Plus, this link gets you $25 toward a new device, or $25 in credit if you bring your own.

Sweet, beautiful freedom.