Have Your Friends Monitor Your Walk Home - Netted
Article • September 23, 2015

Have Your Friends Monitor Your Walk Home

Companions lets your friends track your journey to make sure you get home safely

The walk to the library was great, but now it’s 1 a.m., and you need to walk all the way home. In the dark. By yourself. Oh no.

Traveling alone can be dangerous. But it just got safer thanks to Companion.

Pull up the app (iOS and Android), plug in your destination, and invite people from your contact list to monitor your trip (they don’t need the app to participate). Then slip your phone in your pocket and head out. Companion tracks your journey in the background, and your friends can watch your movement in real time.

If you find yourself on a sketchy block, tap the “I Feel Nervous” button (similar to SafeTrek) to alert your friends and help local police track unsafe areas. If you feel you’re in danger, tap the Call 911 button to instantly send your location to the police and get help.

Walk tall. Your friends are looking out for you.