5 Apps for the Sports Superfan - Netted
Video • September 25, 2015

5 Apps for the Sports Superfan

These 5 apps will help you follow your favorite teams, connect with other fans, find friends for pickup games, and more

Do you live for sports? Then we’ve got 5 apps that are perfect for you, whether you’re trying to watch a game or play in one yourself.

OPEN: Hi! I’m Netted’s Charlie Kaplan and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: You. You’re the one who makes it weird.

Your friends say, “Megan Rapinoe is a monster on the field,” and you go, “SHE IS THE GREATEST ARTIST SINCE MICHELANGELO.” They say, “I love Aaron Rodgers!” And you say, “I WOULD GIVE HIM MY FIRSTBORN.” Your friends keep trying to talk about LeBron James, but you insist on referring to him as “LEBRAINS AND LEBRAWN.”

You’re obsessed with sports, and bless you for it. We’ve got five apps that will only make your fanaticism more fanatical.

Fanly: Your first tool is Fanly, a sports app that pulls together all the scores, news, and video possible, from thousands of sports news sites, to satiate your insatiable interest.

Paranoid Fan: You may have infuriated your friends, but you don’t have to endure the stress of late-game situations alone. Use Paranoid Fan to find fellow fans to watch with, and share info about ticket prices and venue information.

Chat Sports: Did you endure the impossible choice of picking between the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup? No longer, friend. This app sets up live play-by-plays for multiple games, all on one screen.

Teamster: You watched LeBron—excuse me, LeBrains—dominate the NBA Finals, now you want to show what you can do on the court. Find friends to play with, set up a squad, or join a team that desperately needs a solid power forward.

Draft: In last year’s NBA Fantasy draft, you took Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and GlassBones McGee. Shockingly, all of them had season-ending injuries except McGee. Try out single-week fantasy games at Draft, and win some money for your player’s hospital bills.

OUTRO: Now you’re set: you’ve got all the sports news, a crew to watch the game with, multiple events monitored at once, and a team to actually play with. Somehow you’re now an even bigger sports fan. I just want to apologize in advance to your friends.