Get a Perfect Night's Sleep - Netted
Article • September 29, 2015

Get a Perfect Night's Sleep

Enter to win $5000 in products from Apple, Jambox, and Casper

Summer’s over, vacations have come to an end, and sleeping til noon is no longer an option. Your alarm has been going off painfully early, hasn’t it?

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help you start the day with more spring in your step. Netted has partnered with friends to give you the chance to win everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Enter now for your chance to win $5000 in great products, including:

  • a Casper mattress

  • an iPad

  • an iPhone

  • a BIG Jambox

  • an UP activity tracker by Jawbone

  • a Digital Book subscription

  • an electric toothbrush + lifetime replacement heads and toothpaste from quip

This prize pack will optimize your bedtime routine so you can sleep like a log and wake feeling refreshed, no matter what time your alarm goes off.

Just remember, you still have to go to work. (Sorry.)