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Article • September 30, 2015

Find a Parking Spot When You Need It

ParkNav will find a place to park at your destination

You woke up early. Dodged potholes. You burned through two playlists during rush hour traffic. After all that, you have to find parking. But as usual you arrive to find every block packed with cars.

Yeah. Parking is the worst.

That is, of course, unless you’re using ParkNav, an Android and iOS app that will show you where you have the best chance of finding parking in cities across the US and Germany. Like Luxe, this app keeps you from wasting time searching for spots.

Enter your destination, and ParkNav searches for free, paid, and permit parking nearby. Use its color-coded maps to find your space, and once you’ve parked, tap the “I Parked” button to save your ride’s location. On your way back, ParkNav will guide you to your car. It’s free for up to 50 spot searches per month.

Your parking space is out there—now you can actually find it.