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Article • October 1, 2015

Rack Up Credit Card Rewards and Bonuses with One App

Maximize your cash and credit card rewards with Wallaby


You have a credit card that earns points. Another with lower interest. Then there’s the one you got because you could put a picture of your cat on it.

Chances are… you’re not using any of them effectively.

It’s not your fault. It’s impossible to keep up with all the opportunities to maximize your credit card rewards and save money. That’s why Wallaby exists.

Wallaby is a service that knows exactly which credit card is best to use in any given shopping situation, in-store or online. It’s available everywhere: as an app on iOS and Android phones; on wearables; on the Web; and as a Chrome extension.

You just sync your cards with Wallaby and start shopping. Wallaby tells you which credit card to use to save the most money and rack up the most rewards. It also monitors your cards and alerts you to suspicious activity.

Your credit cards plus Wallaby equals a reward unto itself.