Get the Benefits of Solar Power Wherever You Live - Netted
Article • October 5, 2015

Get the Benefits of Solar Power Wherever You Live

Yeloha lets anyone use solar power in their home without setting up solar panels

You’re knee-deep in your compost pile, feeling pretty smug about your environmental consciousness, when it hits you: Your electricity comes from dirty sources.

Before you give up and move into a tent, check out Yeloha, a solar power sharing service that lets anyone use solar energy—no installation required.

Just enter your zip code, choose how many panels you want, provide some details about your utility service, and Yeloha will reserve panels on someone else’s roof and link their output to your utilities account.

Panels cost $65/year. But their energy production gets credited to your utility bill, so they pay for themselves over time. Plus, Netted subscribers get $20 off their first Yeloha purchase here.

Better yet: This is connected energy. When you sign up, you’ll get access to an app to track your panel’s output and your energy credits right from your phone.

And just like that, you made the grid a little greener.