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Article • October 7, 2015

Keep Notes, Links, and Files Handy on Your Menu Bar

Save links, files, and notes on your Mac menu bar with Unclutter

Your inbox is boiling over with requests: Do you have that spreadsheet from June? Can you send me that incriminating photo from the holiday party?

If only you knew which of your 42 “untitled” desktop folders those things were in. Or maybe they’re on your external hard drive. Which is… somewhere.

Get it together with Unclutter. This simple Mac app helps you store notes and files. Although it can’t save your info across devices like Jolicloud or SomNote, Unclutter is perfect for keeping things easily accessible on your computer.

Install the app, scoot your cursor to the top edge of your screen, and scroll down. Unclutter drops in with a handy spot to drag-and-drop files and make notes. It also reveals what’s on your clipboard, so you’ll always have a list of what you want to copy and paste instead of pasting with reckless abandon like usual.

Now, about that hard drive…