Instantly Print Photos From Your Phone - Netted
Article • October 8, 2015

Instantly Print Photos From Your Phone

Print photos from your smartphone with the Polaroid Zip printer and app

There are a lot of fads that we’ve been happy to say goodbye to here at Netted (we’re looking at you, Moon Boots). But there’s one thing from the past we’d like to bring back: the Polaroid camera.

Instant photos in the palm of your hand? The original vintage filter? What’s not to love?

That’s why we’re stoked about the Polaroid Zip, a mini printer and app that lets you print photos instantly from your phone. Zip (for iOS and Android) can print individual 2” x 3” photos, collages, business cards, and even images embedded with “secret messages” in QR codes.

You can add filters and edit photos right within the app, and edit further with other apps you love like Pixlr-o-matic, and get great prints right from your phone. Each image also has a sticky backing, so you can post them without poking holes in your wall.

Leave the Moon Boots. Take the photos.