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Video • October 9, 2015

Keep Your Data Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Cloak and WiFi Protector VPN will keep your personal information safe on public Wi-Fi networks

Public WiFi networks are a magnet for hackers—make sure you keep your personal information safe with these two apps for iOS and Android.

INTRO: We’ve all been there: You need the internet, but you’re in some coffee shop or park, surrounded by foreign networks.

What you need is – and I’m about to throw some tech jargon at you – a VPN. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a tool that allows you to create a private, secure network within another network. Network inception.

CLOAK AND WIFI PROTECTOR VPNTwo tools that do this very well are Cloak, for Apple users, and the fairly un-inspiringly named WiFi Protector VPN for Android users. Both secure your connection when you’re out on the range.

Our fact of the day is actually a cheat code within a cheat code: VPNs can make it seem like you’re located in a country you’re not. Meaning next time an app tells you you can’t play a song or video because of where you are, you know what to do.

OUTRO: And that’s your cheat code! Er, cheat codes.

CLOSE: Later, nerds!