Book Your Hotel and Offset Your Trip's Carbon Footprint - Netted
Article • October 15, 2015

Book Your Hotel and Offset Your Trip's Carbon Footprint

Book your hotel on TripZero and it will offset your trip’s entire carbon footprint

Traveling is fun. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad for the earth. Driving spews smog, and forget about flying—you might as well torch the rainforest.

But there is an eco-friendly way to travel, and it doesn’t involve going on horseback. It’s called TripZero, and it’s a hotel booking site that will offset your vacation’s carbon footprint.

Just tell TripZero where you’re going, how long you’re staying, and how’re getting there, and it will calculate the carbon footprint for your trip. Book a hotel on the site, and TripZero will erase your footprint by purchasing certified carbon offsets that benefit green initiatives across the globe.

The offset doesn’t cost you anything extra, and TripZero partners with Expedia to guarantee the lowest hotel rates. If you find a lower price after booking, TripZero will match it, similar to the way TripRebel does.

Remember, a true eco-warrior never takes a vacation.