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Article • October 20, 2015

Get Alerts When Prices Drop on Items You Want

Track the prices of items you want to buy with Pricepin

The coat you’ve been dreaming about buying for months went on sale. Awesome! Except the sale ended two weeks ago. Ouch.

There’s a way to nab the items you want for less, and it doesn’t involve checking for sales eight times a day. Just get Pricepin, a bookmarklet and app for iOS and Android that tracks the items on your wish list and will notify you when their prices drop. Like Honey and ShopGenius, this service lets you save cash without having to dig for deals.

While shopping online, click the Pricepin button to save an item to your list. Then forget about it. Pricepin will monitor the item and alert you when the price goes down, so you can swoop in on a good deal whenever it comes up.

Now you’re having your cake and eating it too. Except your cake is a coat, and you’re not going to eat it. We hope.