Find Out Where to Recycle Your Household Junk - Netted
Video • October 23, 2015

Find Out Where to Recycle Your Household Junk

Use iRecycle to find out where to recycle batteries, electronics, and more

That closet full of paint cans and broken calculators is not going to magically disappear. Find out where you can safely recycle your old stuff with this app.

INTRO: When I was a kid, my middle school held a campaign to promote environmental responsibility. Students from every class made posters – and there was one that always stuck with me. It said, in beautiful hand-drawn letters, “Don’t be a bicycle, recycicle.”

iRECYCLE: I’m still inspired by that poster today. And now I’m doing my part by introducing you to iRecycle (iRecycicle?). The name may be less-than-inspiring, but the environmentalist sentiment will feel warmly familiar. (iOS and Android.)

Get the app and tell it what you’ve got sitting around your house – old cell phones, batteries, bicycles – and iRecycle will tell you how such things are recycled, where you can take them for drop-off, and even contact information and other details.

OUTRO: Together we can make the world a better, less-cluttered, and more environmental place. And just remember: don’t be a bicycle.

CLOSE: I’m Charlie Kaplan, and that’s your Cheat Code. Later, nerds!