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Article • October 28, 2015

Easily Schedule Meetings Online

Easily schedule meetings with Calendly

Here’s a great way to give yourself a headache: Try to schedule 10 meetings with 10 different people this week.

Feeling woozy already? Calendly wants to help. It’s a website that makes scheduling meetings much less painful. (Related: Mixmax Puts Gmail on Rollerskates.)

Just choose your meeting type, and list when you’re available for it. Then share the meeting URL with anyone you need to meet with, and they choose from your available slots. After that, the meeting is automatically scheduled and everyone gets a notification saying so—no phone tag, no missed emails, no hassle.

Calendly integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining separate calendars for your events.

It’s free to use, but there’s also a premium option with some more features that you get to try free for 14 days when you sign up.

Put down the Tylenol—the scheduler you need has arrived.