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Article • November 4, 2015

Automatically Check and Correct Your Grammar Online

Grammarly checks your grammar when writing online

Everybody has that friend. You know, the one that follows you around and says things like: “Um. I think you meant whom…”

Grammarly is like that friend, except less irritating. It’s a Chrome extension and website that helps you do writing good by not letting you type things like I do writing good.

Much like Hemingway, Grammarly offers on-the-spot grammar editing. But it’s broader because it integrates with services like LinkedIn, WordPress, and Gmail to automatically check what you write on those platforms—just click the Grammarly button next to your text to see the edits.

For everything else, use the Grammarly browser button to open a document on the website and edit your text there. See your edits as you write, and save your document on the site to return to it later. There’s also a premium version with more advanced grammar checking and other features.

Soon enough, “that friend” will be you.