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Video • November 6, 2015

Get Items Shipped Anywhere Around the World

Get an item shipped to you from anywhere with Parcl

Trying to buy an item online but it won’t ship to you? Get an item delivered to you from anywhere in the world with this site.

INTRO: There are few things more annoying than hearing, “This service is not available in your country.”

Even more annoying when that service isn’t some newfangled technology. It’s shipping.

We’ve all been there: You found the perfect thing online, but the shop doesn’t deliver to your location.

So yeah, you could book a flight to Paris, purchase those macarons, and fly back. But, I dunno, once a year is enough, right?

PARCL: Parcl’s your fix. This peer-to-peer service gets you items that won’t ship internationally, and helps you handle customs with aplomb. You can even get the local shipper to purchase the item for you if you pay in advance.

The best part is the person on the other end. They take pictures of the item, and if it doesn’t show up in the window you requested, you’re fully refunded.

OUTRO: Which brings us to our weird fact of the day: macarons and macaroons?

Not the same thing. Hm.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code! Later, nerds.