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Video • November 13, 2015

Keep Your Car in Shape with 5 Apps and Products

These 5 apps and products will help you keep your car running smoothly

We can’t all be Danica Patrick, with a whole team of people flying around our car gassing it up and replacing the tires. But with these 5 apps and products, you can come close.

OPEN: I’m Netted’s Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does

INTRO: Ah, the joy of the road! Freedom, Independence, Big Gulps. Driving’s the best, except for when it’s the worst: breakdowns, exorbitant gas prices, the Lincoln Tunnel.

Thankfully, we’ve got five tools to keep you on the road in tip top shape.

Automatic: First up is Automatic, an aptly named adapter that plugs into your car’s on-board computer, connecting your automobile to the rest of your digital life. Plug in the adapter just underneath your steering wheel and use the Automatic app to diagnose engine problems, find your parked car, even instantly alert emergency services if you crash.

JumPack: Speaking of emergencies, sometimes old man winter can take a toll on your ride, especially your battery. Keep JumPack in your glove compartment. It’s a compact power pack that (bonus!) doubles as a phone charger

RepairPal: For problems bigger than a simple jump, try RepairPal—a smarter way to finding the right mechanic. All work at certified shops is backed by a twelve month and twelve thousand mile warranty and if you use their quote estimator you’re guaranteed not to overpay.

GasBuddy: Now let’s talk gas. Instead of arguing with your partner on whether the cheapest gas is a left or a right-turn off the freeway ramp just download GasBuddy. It’s available on all of the devices (yes, even BlackBerry) and it tells you what the prices are at all of the gas stations in all of the places—what more do you need?

PlugShare: Maybeeeee not gas? Whether you drive a Tesla, a Volt, a Leaf or any other plug-in vehicle, PlugShare will help you locate a charging station, complete with real-time pricing, reviews, and availability.

And there you are! Go forth road warriors. Just don’t try to pump your own gas in New Jersey, they don’t like that.

OUTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does