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Article • November 25, 2015

Get Your Items Packed and Shipped for You

Shyp will pick up, pack, and ship your items for you

We’re not sure what’s worse: breaking your femur, or waiting in line at the post office. But we wouldn’t wish either fate on our greatest enemies.

Or you, of course.

For the femur, avoid walking on icy stairs. And you can skip the post office by getting Shyp. Like Parcl, it’s a web service (and app for iOS and Android) that makes shipping easy.

Once in the app, take a picture of an item and note where you want it to go. Shyp finds you the cheapest options from a variety of carriers.

Then, if you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, LA, or NYC, a Shyp courier will pick it up to be packaged and sent out. You pay a $5 fee per pickup, but you can send up to 20 items with one courier. Once it’s off, you can track your shipment in the Shyp app until it arrives.

Consider it pain-free shipping.