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Article • November 30, 2015

Learn Any Language with Rosetta Stone

Cyber Monday Deal: Get Rosetta Stone for just $199 ($300 off)


We have news for you: Knowing how to speak Pig Latin doesn’t make you multi-lingual.

Disappointed? That’s OK, because we have more news for you: Today you can buy Rosetta Stone, the leader in language learning software, for $199 (or, $300 off).

Rosetta Stone is available wherever you are: on the web, on your mobile device, or on your desktop. It’s the gold standard whether you’re looking to learn Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili, and well beyond.

If you’ve ever tried learning a language before, you know it’s hard. Like, really hard. Rosetta Stone knows that, too. That’s why it uses a combination of live tutors, immediate feedback, and sophisticated algorithms that understand your learning habits. Plus Rosetta Stone teaches you to think in your new language. Not just speak it. Kind of essential, eh?

And on this glorious Cyber Monday, you can get it for just $199.

That’s great news in any language.