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Article • December 1, 2015

Record and Make Phone Calls Over WiFi

Record conversations, preface calls, and call over WiFi with Yallo

A brief history of the phone call:

1876: Bell calls Watson.

1960s: The answering machine gets huge.

1992: The first SMS is sent. People get tired of answering machines.

2015: Yallo.

Yallo is a caller app for Android and iOS, and like Toky, it does all kinds of things phones haven’t ever done before.

Let’s start with calling itself: Cell reception will be a thing of the past. If you’ve got crappy service, use WiFi to take incoming and make outgoing calls with your regular number.

Other services can call over WiFi, but few can record calls as you’re taking them. Not only can Yallo save full tapes of your calls, it transcribes them to make them totally searchable too.

Yallo even lets you roll out your own welcome mat by sending a call caption, which tells the person you’re calling the reason for your call. That’s right, you can now leave a message before the beep.