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Article • December 3, 2015

Track and Pay Your Bills From Your Phone

Track and pay bills with Prism

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Acrophobia is the fear of heights. But what do you call the fear of all the unpaid bills stuffed in your mailbox?

We don’t know, but we’ve found a cure for it.

It’s called Prism, and like Mint Bills, it’s an app for iOS and Android (and Kindle and Windows phone, too), that allows you to pay all your bills from your phone.

To get started, connect Prism with your bank account and then add your account info for your utilities, credit cards, and any other bills you have. Once connected, Prism will monitor those accounts and alert you when a bill is due.

Paying takes just a few taps, and you can review your payment history and see upcoming bills in the calendar view. Prism will also track your income, so you can plot out how much of it you’ll need to cover expenses.

See? Your mailbox isn’t scary after all.