Turn Your Phone into a Sound System - Netted
Video • December 4, 2015

Turn Your Phone into a Sound System

AmpMe lets you sync phones to create a group boombox

Ain’t no party like an AmpMe party, because an AmpMe party doesn’t need speakers to play music. Turn your friends into a boombox with one app.

INTRO: You ready to do this?

You ready to party??


Well that was underwhelming. Here’s the upside, though: Turns out you don’t actually need a big honkin’ pair of speakers to throw a really good party. You just need friends.

AMPME: Rather than wrestling for the AUX cord, get all your friends to download AmpMe, an app for iOS and Android. Then pick a song—it’s currently compatible with Soundcloud—and hit play. The app syncs with every device in the session, turning all your friends’ phones into one crowdsourced, surround-sound speaker.

Bam: speaker system, with no speaker system.

OUTRO: Which brings me to our weird fact of the episode: The loudest sound in recorded history was the 1883 volcanic eruption of Krakatoa.

It was so loud it circled the earth four times, but some witnesses in Brooklyn noted they only liked it the first time around.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code! Later, nerds.