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Article • December 9, 2015

Fight Winter Blues with The Bouqs

Give a Bouqs bouquet and get 20% off + free delivery

SPONSORED || Whelp. Winter’s back. Time to surrender to a few months of gloom and grey skies. Woe. Maybe there are some bears we can hide away with until it’s over.

Here’s another option: Beat the winter blues by filling your home and the home of loved ones with cheerful, seasonal flowers from The Bouqs.

No matter how gloomy it is out there, these seasonal bouquets will make anyone feel warm. Bouqs blossoms are sustainably sourced from farms in California, they’re more vibrant than other flowers, last longer, and the online ordering process is quick and easy. You can even narrow your search by delivery date, flower color and type, and occasion.

Plus they make perfect presents for friends and family, and holiday hosts. And for a limited time you’ll save 20% and get free delivery with code GIFT20.

Winter is suddenly much more tolerable.