Send Instant Invitations with SMS - Netted
Video • January 8, 2016

Send Instant Invitations with SMS

Send party invitations through text message and get responses immediately

Everyone is going to love your chicken cacciatore. So make sure they all show up to the dinner party! Easily send invites through SMS and email with Invitd.

INTRO: So, that big dinner party you had—you brought out the fancy napkins, cooked an actual meal for once. And how were you rewarded? With an empty dining room. Looks like your party guests never got your Facebook invite.

INVITD: Let’s be honest, with all the listicles and Real Housewives gifs to look at, it can be hard to get people’s attention. That’s why Invitd is so great. It’s a fast way to create invitations and send them directly to guests through email or text.

Your guests don’t need the app to read the invite, and they can RSVP with just a tap. Meanwhile, you can monitor responses and send out reminders if necessary.

OUTRO: Speaking of, RSVP stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît,” so maybe your guests didn’t come because they can’t read French?

CLOSE: Anyway, that’s your Cheat Code!