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Video • January 15, 2016

5 Apps and Services for Redecorating Your Room

Redecorate your room with these 5 apps and services

Your bedroom says a lot about you, so make sure it emphatically states “I am person of exquisite taste.” Bring your decor up a notch with these 5 apps and services.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: I’m here in the Casper studio for an official Netted mattress test, which means I’m getting paid to take a nap. Hard work, I know, but I’m doing it for you—if you’re thinking about redecorating, we have 5 apps and services to make your room worth showing off.

LikeThat Décor: First up: furniture. Whether you’re looking for a table, couch, or those steel egg chairs from Men in Black, LikeThat Decor helps you find it. Snap a picture of a piece of furniture you like, and it finds something similar online.

Casper [Sponsor]: The most important thing in your bedroom is not the bearskin rug you insisted on buying. It’s your mattress. Casper’s got you covered with high-quality mattresses designed to help you get a great night’s sleep. They’re made from premium memory and latex foams so you stay comfy and cool. Plus you’ll save $50 with code NETTED. If I didn’t have to finish this video, I’d be asleep already.

Benchmade Modern: Alright, you’re outta bed. Where do you go now? The couch. Get a custom-built couch from Benchmade Modern. They’re made in the US and sized to fit your space, and Netted subscribers get 20% off with code NETTED until February 15th (Code expired!).

Vango: But decorating means more than just finding stuff to sit on. Scoop up affordable art with Vango, a website where up and coming artists sell their work. Who knows? Maybe you nab a piece by the next Picasso.

Picmatic: Or maybe you’re like, “I don’t need art, I just want pictures of my cat.” With Picmatic, you can put up a whole cat gallery with just your iPad.

Alright, you ponder that—I’m going back to bed.

OUTRO: I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.