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Video • January 22, 2016

This App Puts a Locksmith in Your Pocket

KeyMe lets you store keys in the cloud and print out at kiosks

Today we’re talking doors. (Try to set the night on… fire!) Wait. No, not those Doors. We mean regular doors, with locks that require keys that you sometimes lose. With this app, you’ll never get locked out again.

INTRO: It’s been a long day at work and you’re headed home. Better swing by the cleaners, and you know what, why not pick up a bottle of pinot grig while you’re at it. You get to your front door, arms full, and what do you know, you’ve left your keys at work. Gooooood Ben, gooood.

KEYME: Thankfully you used KeyMe – The service that will save you from lockouts. Here’s how it works: One: identify that you can be a forgetful person, Two: download KeyMe, Three: use your camera to scan in images of your keys. If you ever lose your house or car keys just visit a KeyMe kiosk (they got ‘em at 7-Eleven, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowes) and instantly print out copies. Or if you aren’t near a kiosk, a locksmith can even make your keys just from looking at the app.

OUTRO: Fun fact time! Did you know that before getting into the stunts and illusions game, Harry Houdini worked as a locksmith? Obviously.

Now go pour yourself a glass of the good stuff cuz baby you’re lookin smart.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code! Until next time.