Charge Your Phone Without Plugging It In - Netted
Article • January 28, 2016

Charge Your Phone Without Plugging It In

Charge your phone wirelessly with the Bezalel Prelude

BREAKING NEWS: Charging cables are obsolete.

Why? The Bezalel Prelude. It’s a portable wireless charger that can charge your phone anywhere—without a cord.

Just get a patch for your iPhone or Samsung phone, or grab the Latitude case to make your iPhone compatible with both types of available wireless chargers: Qi chargers (like the Prelude) and PMA chargers (like the ones at Starbucks).

Netted readers save 10% on Prelude with code NETTED10 (Code expired!). Plus, the first 100 people to click here will be entered to win our Prelude, Latitude case, and patch.

Go ahead, let your phone off its leash.